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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Working" It Out?

On this rather nice but overcast day, I feel of two minds about what I'm doing-my horoscope seems to think this is my week for ambiguity....on the one hand, I'm incredibly lucky to be retired with, if not a generous, than an adequate pension, and I am able to pursue (modestly) my lifelong interest in all manifestations of creativity, my own and others. On the other hand, I'm slowly sinking into a physical lethargy at once familiar and frightening, and I'm not sure what I can do about it.
Unless you are a dancer, it's really difficult to get the exercise you should and still attempt to create and manage a business on the side, especially a business that is, at these first stages, simply a money pit, that I'm trying to patiently grow, like a particularly tempermental flowering plant that needs lots of manure and attention to blossom successfully.
Yes, at my advanced years, I have a new baby, or should I say triplets, since we are talking two online selling venues where I have yet to sell anything, and an ongoing weekly Farmer's Market where I am trying to establish a presence, as well as a few
second cousins, such as other Craft Fairs during the Summer/early Fall and of course that cash cow for so many of us, the Holiday Season, which for crafters usually means being burned out on all things Christmas by the start of November...
I'm exhausted, and I've hardly moved, compared to the rather physical job I just retired from 2 short months ago..but there are many kinds of "jobs" and all of them, loved or not, seem to take their toll.
Guess what I'm really trying to say is-I need, we all need, to make more time for- take more time for- some mindless stress-free physical activity-walking is the only thing I've found that doesn't bore me senseless, so today I'm gonna work on a plan to get some regular walking-around time for at least an hour a day, and I'll just have to leave the triplets to nap while I'm gone and not obsess about them, at least for these few minutes a day..
If you aren't already doing the same, what's your excuse?

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