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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ms Exile in Paradise

This will be a blog about a retiree fleeing the city, moving to her Island paradise and trying her damnedest to keep working at being creative; as well, I'll be providing some social commentary around politics, philosophy, and generally whatever sets me off-warning-this will be a celebrity-free zone, no crocodile tears, no slavish idol worship (unless we're talking my personal obsessions).
I will naturally focus on things Canadian, but I am an immigrant to this country, so I'll have some things to say about the US as well...and maybe the rest of the world too...
I'm also really involved in crafting and selling my work, so that'll come up but not to the point where it turns into spam.
I would like anyone with a different opinion, agreeing totally with everything I say, or anyone who's somewhere in between to feel free to comment, and I'll feel free to have your comments posted or not-please comment on my ideas, personal attacks are the last refuge of the paranoid...
That alone should engender comments-well, see you later, and hope you enjoy my blog, or that you are at least entertained by it-if you happen to notice a bias toward leftie politics and philosophies, and a passion for social justice, it's intentional.

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  1. just started following! Looking forward to reading your posts!