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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just in Case You Were Wondering...

The whole Followers thingy is in a terrible state on Google blogs-I thought it was just me, but apparently, if you have been trying unsuccessfully to become a Follower of this blog, I apologize in advance- took the bloody thing away because I was tired of looking at Windows saying they couldn`t `find`the page-I have no idea what others see when they come to this site, and since no one posts, not even to my Poll, which was a bit satiric asking about whether anyone ever commented on blogs (apparently not!) I have no clue who reads this except for my little Lijit widget-which at least tells me where readers come from, but no names, not even e-names.
So please, folks, I am really tired of doing the online version of pissing into the wind (pardon the crudity) wouldja at least post once in a while and say hi, bye, or up yours- Just so I know you`re really out there...or, just keep torturing me, whatever....

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