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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Fall Fair

Now that Autumn is coyly displaying at least a small part of her stuff, I am about to embark on yet another attempt at selling at a Fair.
This one is considered the largest on Vancouver Island, and pretty much goes as close to year-round as you can in a temperate Northern Rain Forest-that be us!
Market In The Square, in Duncan, BC is my new base for selling my crafts. I signed up as a drop-in vendor, which means that I pay per Saturday Market, not as good a deal as being part of the more or less permanent group, who sell from around March to the end of October....
I would like to eventually find a permanent 'home' and this is as good a location as I've seen...and the town has gone to extraordinary lengths to make it a they are remodeling the old part of the town,where the beautiful brick buildings are headed up by a lovely old City Hall, and the Square will have new amenities like better lighting, benches, and the rumour is that they are springing for outdoor heaters too-a luxury I can only fantasize about, for those chilly mornings to come.
There are more than 100 vendors here, many of them farmers, and it is a pleasant stroll around the tents that cover about 3 blocks, all catering to your every whim, from bonsai to baskets to chainmaille and crochet...and that is before the food is even considered. Never been to a Market Fair? Grab a tote bag-yes it is of course free to wander around, but even the biggest miser in the world will find the fresh picked Gravenstein apples, the gorgeous heritage tomatoes and the fabulous crafts (!) irresistible-and the prices are comparable with the Supermarket and Department Store...but you are getting the best of the, homebaked, homemade quality that you can see and smell, touch and taste.
There is no other experience I can think of to compare it to..and what's more, it's fun.
When was the last time you had fun that didn't involve sex or substances? Don't answer that, just head down to your neighborhood, or nearby, Market Fair the next time one comes around ~ aside from being entertaining, the fresh air and exercise (that you don't even notice you're getting) will do you a world of good.

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