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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ode to Aldergrove: Just Who Is Crossing the Line?

Since you are reading this blog, I can assume that you have noticed the two widgets just to the right; namely, the Ligit widget and the FlagCounter...I really enjoy them both, because they tell me, at the very least, who is reading or at least flashing through my blog, by country, hence the flags, or, if you click the recent reader's link on the green Ligit widget, you can see, further, which city, as well as country. I find this useful, since only two readers have commented at all since this blog began...guess I'm so devastatingly witty that there's nothing left to say, or no one actually READS it-so I can either stop blogging, or get my satisfaction where I can, and lately, that is discovering who comes along and from where, if not by name, then by city and country.
Which brings me to the theme of this particular tale: by far the place that shows up the most, every single day, and several times a day, is a smallish little 'area', Aldergrove-a community-within-a-community that is named Langley, a sprawling area in the Lower Mainland of British Coloumbia, bordering the Pacific Northwest of the US. Some here would argue that the whole damn thing is really just Surrey, but I prefer to stay quaint when the opportunity arises...
Don't really know much about Aldergrove itself, so looked it up through kindly old Professor Google-here goes-
The most well-known thing about Aldergrove, for me, was that there is a border crossing there, euphemistically referred to locally as the truck crossing, where, to avoid the huge lineups at the flashier Peace Arch crossing, most locals try first, when heading to the US to shop or whatever .
On the What to Do in Aldergrove site it was suggested that families might want to visit Dinotown, "fun-and educational too!" But what had me going was that Dinotown features a Petting Zoo-one shudders deliciously, imagining what sort of baby T-rex delights await there...
Oh and there's a Telephone Museum and Archives, which might tempt some thrill-seeker.

So, whoever my Aldergrove Follower is, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your exquisite taste, and most humbly apologize for not changing up the blog as often as you would so obviously desire, judging by the amount of times per day you link here..
And lastly, I do sincerely hope that my singling out my mystery admirer in Aldergrove does not discourage him or her from continuing to visit my site in the often-vain hope that I have written some new masterpiece of bloggery.
Aldergrovian, I salute you-and ask you to please, please comment, so that I know the click-on isn't machine-generated, or a vagrant fax signal gone terribly wrong...

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