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Monday, August 23, 2010

Show 'N Tell..What I Found While De-flea-ing the Sale..

I did fairly well at the Garage Sale this Saturday, making a good dent in selling my also-rans..
And kept the buying to a bare minimum (honest!) All I was tempted by was that beautiful wood oval frame, with perfect glass and backing; and a much-needed mixer, this one with a stand and bowl, and they came to a grand total of $2.50..(see above)
No, the real damage happened, as it often does, when I drove out to Cedar Road to the Sunday Flea Market...
On the way there, I saw garage sale signs pointing up to an amazing old two story outbuilding, all gray and weathered, the way proper old barnwood should be..inside in the dim light, one sweet older lady selling her handmade goods and a few bits and bobs..and a wonderful old, slowly-being- restored 1934 Ford truck..a beauty!
I drive a little Ford Ranger, which I love, so it was great to see it's ancestor resting in that place that was close to it's age...
From her I purchased that wonderful wicker stool/table, sturdy enough to hold my immense weight, and wonderful for either seating or as a table..
for the princely sum of $5...
As for the Cedar Road Fleafest..a bit disappointing..all I got there was a wonderful little front porch rug, a miniature version of a Persian rose pattern, and an artfully practical two-tiered basket with a lid and handle, in beautiful woven and laquered straw, with lovely fish carvings running down the handles...the rug was $1, and the basket $2...
so, for the entire weekend, I spent the terrific sum of $10..
Not too shabby...but rather chic...


  1. The basket is awesome! Looks like it would be perfect for stowing craft supplies! And your other treasures are great, what a bargain hunter you are!!

  2. Ok, what is an also ran?


  3. Puss, an also-ran is a horse racing term..meaning a horse who was waaaay back there..also-ran for me is things I'm willing to sell at a garage sale because they are no longer 'winners'...