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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Can Spring Be Far Behind? 'Fraid so...

It began last night..quietly, too quietly..and,
as I shut off all the lights and prepared for bed,
just glanced outside briefly, and there it was....GAAAAAHHHHH!
Snow, yes I said snow...
the beautiful but silent whitestuff that would ruin
any plans for the next few days..
*Sigh* so, posting some pretty pictures taken on my balcony
at about 5:30 am this morning...
Now, guess I'm forced to do all the stuff
I normally have no problem ignoring
or procrastinating about..
you know, laundry, stuff like that?
Have a good one!


  1. We got between 8 and 8 inches. It is 9 degrees outside. Your pictures are lovely. Did you know it is 1/11/11? And we have a 11/11/11 coming up. Whatever that means.


  2. I can remember when it was 6/6/06, and some fundamentalist types were declaring End for all those 11's, I have no idea...but eight inches of snow is, like my rent, too damn high....