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Monday, January 3, 2011

If Anyone was Wondering..

I recently deleted all my items from my three Etsy shops; an act that was overdue, since i had almost no sales in the two years i was there, and since last March, almost no views..
I've gone to ArtFire-made several sales in the three months since joining, get tons of views and have joined an all-Canadian Guild there, rather like but not as limited as the Teams on ComeNGetsy...
No major snark in the Forums, just good solid information, if you need it, and , oh my, the tools! I pay a flat rate of $5.95 per month, no sales fees, no "relisting" fees, no getting two-dimed to death just trying to get noticed..and Admin there is friendly, helpful, and jumps in right away if a discussion on a subject is something that they can to say, it's like night and day at AF as oppposed to E...happy I made the change!


  1. Good luck with Artfire! I will have to check it out!

  2. Good for you...I will check it out..will tell my friends about it as they struggle with Etsy too!