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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Almost 10,000 Pageviews..Just Another Give-Away

Now for some of you with your thousands of Followers, this might seem to be not a big deal..I even had a couple of OCD types who clicked on this blog so often as to render my once-loved visitor's page redundant..guess they loved seeing 'their' clicks recorded as zillions of visits from the same city, but i knew it couldn't be valid, and it skewed the results, so sadly, I got shut of it..I kind of miss it, it was fun when someone from some exotic, faraway place, from New Caledonia to Nebraska, would have a new blip by their home..not quite the same as traveling, I know, but still, fun..
Milestones are just that, milestones, whatever they may guess it's time for another give-away..
Instead of a hat I was thinking that some custom earrings might not go amiss, since it is Spring, and thoughts of bejewelling ourselves once we stop covering up come to mind..
So, the winner of the give-away will be able to choose from any pair of earrings shown in my ArtFire studio, or alternatively, if you hate all of them, tell me what you'd like and I'll make you some...
Unlike many of the so called give-aways in blogland that are only limited to one's own area, I believe that the world is my oyster, therefore, anyone from any country anywhere on the planet can enter..
The usual stuff applies, I comment here equals an entry..and if you FB or Tweet, an additional entry - I'll have to trust you all on that, since I dont' do either, but I know that others find this concept
useful, so just let me know, and I'll give you another entry for each of those activities...
I'd appreciate anyone who wants to become a new Follower doing so, but if you are the lurking type, it isn't a bit of 'lurking' myself at some blogs and websites..
That's it, have fun with it, and when I've passed the 11,000 mark on my country widget, I'll stop the contest..
The draw will be very scientific...little bits of paper with your names scratched on them, crunched up and put in a container of suitable size, then, one drawn out! Thanks in advance for entering....♥


  1. I think I'm a follower and don't have to entice me with gifts of earnings....but it's a nice


  2. Great contest..I would be thrilled to win any p air of your beautiful earrings.

  3. I like your berry baskets. I also tweeted this for you.


  4. The 2nd times a charm...


  5. I'm here, I'm here! =) I'm still having problems with blogger. I have to sign it every time I want to load a photo or leave a comment. ARGH!