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Monday, June 20, 2011

Waiting, Hopefully Not For Godot...

I have been remiss in posting here, but that's because I'm waiting..
Waiting for the Post Office lockout to be over, waiting to be able to finally draw a name for my give-away, waiting to open up my online shop again on ArtFire...and waiting for a decent day selling at Farmer's Markets, just to have something to be happy, and blog-chatty, about.
Problem is, it's been dreary here for everyone, and the weather is matching up wih the economy in general.
No one I'm talking to who also vends at these Markets is doing well - seems like hard times are catching up with us, and, when you have a mostly seasonal range, it is doubly hard.
But, thankfully, babies are born in every season, no matter what the weather is doing, and they truly have been the only thing selling - not babies per se, baby hats - ...not in great numbers, but at least they are keeping the groceries in the cupboard..
So thought I'd share with you what I did yesterday, since I was a bit astonished at myself..the crochet hook went into overdrive, for some reason, and the pictures around this posting are what happened after that...
a new-style ladybug hat to replace another one I sold last Saturday, and an idea from a potential customer.
She is a photographer, and was asking if I could do cocoons..I never had, but they're just a step away from a really long slouchy tube, so I said sure...and she said she'd send some "examples" of what she is looking for. I'm really not interested in copying someone else's work, plus, she says she wants a really plain, basic brown..not the most interesting thing to make for this colour junkie..well, haven't heard from her (that's normal) but it got me thinking about I made this little pea-in-a-pod coccon and's really newborn-sized, and my 'model' is more like a 4-6 month old, but you get the idea..
What do you think?

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