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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Duncan Market - Alive and Well...

Recuperating (muscles very sore, it's like I'm really not 20 years old anymore ( :o\)
after my first outdoor market..actually had a great time, reconnected with a few old friends and had lots of positive feedback on my hats and scarves from customers, as well as some actually paying customers! Yippee!
It was a cold and blustery day, but I don't mind, just happy to be back outside after the three month winter hiatus..there is something about fresh air, tabletops flapping in the wind, the colours and scents of the market that make it a joy to return  to every season...and of course the opportunity to pet and  gush over everyone's dog..the market is a kind of social place for what we call the dog people, who come here to parade about with their puppies, as well as purchase from our market...I've seen some gorgeous pooches here, and it's an aspect of the market that I enjoy...unintended consequences
Had some great positive feedback from a couple of professional photographers who bought baby hats..and they promised e-mails of  their work  when available..
I'm starting up a "Rogue's Gallery" of pictures of past customers in my hats to display in my little 'shop'...folks always fret about how the hats will look on people when they are thinking of gifts, so having some concrete examples can only help..and it will be fun to have previous buyers come by to show off their pics to others, etc.
Happy Making and selling to all of you....

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