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Monday, May 7, 2012

It's that Time Again-My Top Ten...

Now that I  am back outdoors selling  my hats and jewelry every Saturday (that  it isn't raining)  I would like to share with you, once again, some of my favourite (!) lines, you know, the ones that you hear over and over and over again..some are golden oldies, and some are new, or modifications of oldies..keep in mind that my jewelry and my hats are original designs, no patterns used (or available) and I only make  one of everything.  That, of course, doesn't matter to every buyer, but why would they pay more than the cost of an Asian import if it doesn't?
I can't  be this sarcastic (well, most of the time I control myself) when dealing with people who just mostly aren't very original in what they have to say...but I do try and remember what it is like to be a buyer or potential customer, and to not just look at certain comments from the viewpoint of a seller. So, I'm giving you my answers to obvious ones, and their questions in others..the game is to figure out which is which...
 After all, we may all drive, but at one time or another, we are all pedestrians too - and these all too typical comments couldn't be more pedestrian....

1.  Yes, I made all this stuff
2.   Yes, I'll be here next week, if it isn't raining..
       "Hey I came by last week and you weren't here" (it was raining)
3.It's crochet, actually (when they ooh and ah about my 'knitting')
4.  "Oh, I knit too "  (No, they don't, or they would know the difference)
5.  "I'm just looking for ideas" (!)
6. "Oh, my mother/aunt/grandmother knits all this same stuff for me" (see #3 above)
7. " How much is your jewelry/How much are your hats?" (they are all clearly marked, and the hats have big paper tags..sometimes asked after they've been reading all the tags on several hats) and as if they were all a single price...there is no Dollar Store sign in my booth...none....
8.Will you hold this for me 'til next week-I don't have any money....? (of course, without a deposit)
9.  These hats are cute but they're too big (they are looking at newborn sized baby hats)
      These hats are cute but they are too small (see above)
10.  Well, this other vendor is selling hats for X$ less than you..(I always tell them that if price is their only criterion, they should definitely go and purchase from "that other vendor")
Still, love being outside, and actually quite enjoy the social aspects of Markets..great to see friends I've made, and to meet new people, hear some good live music, and eat far too much of all the things I shouldn't...stop by and say Hi...I promise not to bite your head off..


  1. OK...Why is it I missed your blog? I thought you stopped....hmmmm, whatever, another senior moment for me. So glad I found you thru my etsy shoppe.
    Guess I'm in the same boat as you. Do I continue with etsy? the flea market? boutiques? Give it all up and run away with the circus...sans the clowns? Well, let's just see what happens....
    Your still doing beautiful if you couldn'

    see ya,

  2. bunny, I did stop for awhile..tired of getting no response (re comments) but I write sort of obsessively, so it was just a question of time before had to start up again..I'm so happy for you and glad to see that you are doing well..miz