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Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Little Something for the Cause....just because

  Do those of you who are makers  of things out in blogland ever donate one or more of your pieces to good causes?
I have been doing so for a long time, for fundraisers for politicians that I like, for the wives of authors who needed medical help they couldn't afford, for our local Arts Council, etc.
I think it's a great this week I donated a hat and some earrings to one of our local environmental protection groups, Cowichan Land Trust.  They are having a fundraiser  to raise funds  and help protect the  estuary in Cowichan Bay (you can Google it, it's a beautiful place just down the road from where I live).
I am mentioning this because sometimes we may not have the money to support the causes we  believe in, but we can often find  either the time to volunteer a few hours or to donate something to be auctioned or  raffled off.
Here is the hat I donated...

Think about this for the future...I often feel a bit guilty that I can't afford to support all the programs and charities that I would like to  but when I can give my time and materials I enjoy it immensely, and it opens up the world to you and your work...

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  1. You would be surprised how some charities need people to dedicate their time. Most find it easier to hand over some money.