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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Photos? don't ask!

My days, recently, have been spent avoiding what needs to be done, whether it is housework or my least favourite, taking pictures of the things I've created to post in my online "shops". Hateful task!

We have all sorts of "help" at our dsposal as long as we can afford to go out and buy Photoshop (I can't) or can manipulate a really good-quality camera correctly..I have a nice-enough Olympus FE-210 that I got with Airmiles...
I get really frustrated about it-but like death and tax evasion, it has to be dealt with, so I try, I really do, and, accidently, some of my pictures come out what I consider "okay", certainly good enough to post my stuff on my online shops.
But oh, I want an elusive stranger, photography evades me, teasing with the odd good picture(what did I do differently? Why can't they all turn out like that?)
So much creativity comes easily to me and guess that I asume too much-why are my pics so awful?
Yes, yes-I know about lighting and even lightboxes, etc. and have downloaded instructions for making one, but I don't-my life seems to be too involved in presentation, sales, dragging stuff hither and yon...
not what I wanted at all. I just wanted to create, to make things, have them magically slip from my fingers into the shopping bag of whoever bought them, and what they paid to slip magically back to my fingers..
how delusional am I?

We all want to achieve a perfect state of give and take, and I cannot for the life of me take a decent picture to even get the process started...

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