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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Decline (and Fall?) of the Handmade Empire- A Few Notes

I've been watching some things going on in the Forums of Handmade sites, and it's very depressing to witness the corruption of what was supposed to be an informative and supportive environment..
I'm retired from full-time work, yet I am still far too busy to spend much time in the Forums of the sites I list in. Apparently, some sellers have so little to do that they have resorted to gangbanging in these sites, hooking up in little pathetic cliques and attacking individuals that they have personal issues with, and turning these Fora into sites for bullying rather than assisting, and being supportive of, their fellow sellers, not to mention the buyers who stumble in there and must really wonder WTF is going on...
Administrating these Goon Shows isn't easy, and perhaps the answer is pre-moderation, as many websites and blogs do now...a pity really, but if you can't act like adults, perhaps you should be treated like the spoilt whingeing children you present yourselves to be...

Our first indoor Farmers'/Crafters' Market was slow, as we presumed it might be, should take a bit of time for folks to get used to the idea of having it available in January and February, but the ones who came did express their pleasure, so this will probably be a good venture after all...I personally did as well as a so-so Fall day outside, so I am quite content to be patient and wait for things to pick up.
If we are talking about contentment with Etsy sales, nope..the only 'sale' so far in January wasn't a sale at all, had to cancel and go through the whole process of relisting, a PITA that should be made easier, since it seems to happen alot online.
So,finishing up some custom orders and working on getting my jewelry site operating on a less invisible level..

Her's hoping for all our sakes that everyone stays warm, and creative, this winter, without overheating....

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  1. They have been doing this since I got to the forum a couple of years ago. Without let up. They were in full swing when I got there and still are. Everything they say I am they are themselves. They just can't see it, and no one will point it out to them until I did. That makes them ape shit crazy.

    I hope your Farmer's market get's better. Also one of the changes is suppose to be that items will not be physically removed from shops until they are paid for. So hopefully that will stop relisting non paying buyer's stuff.