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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Salt Mines of Paradise...

It's another season of my farmers' and crafters' market starting this Saturday, and I'm so ready for it. Seasonal sloth is overrated, and I've been itching to do something besides eat, drink, and be whatever for awhile now...
All the Christmas lights are turned off, finally, in my neighborhood; I used to sit at my table and look out the window at them every morning and have my's a kind of magical time just before dawn, no sounds to speak of, and no cars...just the faint outline of houses, rising up the hill, and the twinkling of the lights...but no more..
Time for more serious entrepenuerial pursuits,and while I continued all during the holidays to make things, I must admit I've slacked off in the last week, choosing to read and contemplate the coming year.
I can definitely recommend "Pursuit of the Proper Sinner" by Elizabeth George, whom I've just discovered; a pleasant surprise to find another good female mystery writer who can do both genders justice.
I love books about Chaos, it's not about Chaos Theory literally, but about unintended consequences, which I attribute to Chaos Theory..try it, it's fun!
In a very crude nutshell, Chaos Theory posits that there is really no control over most events and actions, and that whatever outcome is put forth as obvious has an interesting way of being wrong...
I loved the book, and will now proceed to haunt the thrift stores, library, and 2nd hand booksellers for other Elizabeth George novels...not many authors can trip me up by telling me the facts, early, in such a way that I cannot see the thing til the end...and then go back in my mind, retracing all the tricky steps taken by the author to catch me dozing...good stuff.
And you're thinking, what the hell is she doing, stream of conciousness or some damn thing...yes and no..
The best laid plans...I have much of that sort of thing in my head about the next year, all the mistakes I made last year, *groan* and those I don't intend to repeat, but...unintended consequences...
I'll keep you posted..


  1. Don't you hate when the Christmas lights finally all go out? I put mine up the day after Thanksgiving and keep them up until Jan.7 my birthday to get as much out of them as I can. Not to mention it is a pain to put them all up, so I am going to get my money's worth out of 'em.


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  3. I always knew we had to have more in common than our bad attitudes! I was born on Dec. 29th...
    I do agree though, about the lights-when I lived in the city, they would often keep going for the entire month of many different cultures with so many different rituals for the season, I guess.

  4. Did you just put this up or am I really that clueless? Or clueless about that as well, smartass.

    I never make NY Resolutions, but this year I decided to try REALLY hard to filter more. You know, stay out of the Justice section of CNN, don't read things that are mean spirited, that sort of thing.

    Otherwise I get this sort of mental chaos that has unintended consequnces, like snapping at the boy because he wants attention and I just HAVE to get off that last post,lol.

    The things that suck you in that really have very little to do with the world not virtual.

    I actaully read a book for the first time in ages, well two, Duma Key and The Gunslinger (both King). Not really highbrow, but interesting. Plating room escape games, things that have the drama appeal without so much of the drama hangover.

    I don't think I can control much of the outcome, just my actions and hope for the best. To thine self be true and all that crap.

    Gee, sorry, wrote a book, huh?