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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Resolution-Free New Year's Wish From Paradise...

Rather than go through the dreary list of things we feel guilty about, or the self-improving things we fantasize about, resorting to groaningly force ourselves to accomplish, I'm going to take this opportunity to wish every reader a Happy, Safe, Prosperous and Spiritually Satisfying New Year, whatever that entails...
I know for many of us that 2009 will be flushed down the commode of history as a not-so-great one, and I can empathize with everyone's frustrations...had a few of my own... =op
I'd rather send out a Like Letter to all of you, and wish you a better,
more contented year to come-like a newborn, full of promise and inevitable shit, but we are all happy to do our share to keep those smiles coming.
For those of you who are fellow Makers, I can only hope that you will continue to let the inspiration, and resultant creativity, grow.
For my 'political' friends, let's all hope that we get a new and improved government this year.
For those of you not from North America, I welcome your continued readership and hope that the world is a safer and kinder place.

And, for my OCD friend from Aldergrove, who obsessively stacks his/her locale continuously in my recent readers' widget, glad to continue to provide a safe and harmless outlet.

For all of us, a very Happy New Year..

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