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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Of Silver Linings and Unintended Consequences...

So, went off to my usual winter season indoor Farmers' and Crafters' Market as usual yesterday morning; I normally do okay there, but for some reason, nobody bought anything from me ..skunked...first time...but.. (there's always a but...)

For one thing, two women who were looking over my table asked me if I'd be interested in a very prestigious fibre arts show that was happening in October...absolutely, says I, it's got a waiting list of sellers, and people line up early to get at the best stuff as soon as they get through the door..I was feeling pretty good about that, and suddenly a woman with a big fancy camera came up and said she was from the local paper and would I please pose with my hats, as they were doing a feature on the Market? And she let me have approval of the shot!
About an hour later, a filming crew comes in from Rogers Cable (a local cable show) and started filming my table, and me, because I was actually crocheting at the time...
Yes all of this happened on the same, I'm not making it up, not any of it...
So guess what? I got totally skunked yesterday, and it was one of my best days ever!

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