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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ahem!!! Thanks, Many Thanks...

As anyone who reads this blog can now (finally!) see, I am the proud possessor of a Google Friends Connect widget, gadget, however it wishes to be addressed, and many, many thanks need to go to PussDaddy, for trying to help me, hopeless quest though it was, and for linking me up with karmacrochet:

who actually finally after symbolically tearing out her hair too, got me steered in the right direction...but please don't laugh when I say that the first time I was successful, I had a Followers widget in Dutch..had to retrace my steps (which I, of course, couldn't remember) and do the whole thing again, trying to change the language, and forgetting what I did to get there, and having to repeat it endlessly, but finally..ahhhhh....finally, I do have an area where folks, who are so inclined, can hook up to my, after all that effort, let's hope someone does!


  1. I'm so happy for you. The whole thing was quite weird, but now that it is solved, you can take it out of mind.


  2. Oh my goodness we oughta take that thing and get it bronzed! Talk about a lesson in futility. Thanks karmacrochet!


  3. LOL!! Well, as it turns out Puss, not all that futile..finally got it to work...but it's probably been too long without it and now I won't have all the Followers I might have, had I been able to put that widget up at the start of my blog..or maybe it'll just take some time, I don't know...all I know is that i love to link up with posters, see what they are about etc., and without Followers that's pretty much a rarity unless someone posts at the end of a blog, like wonderful you and karmacrochet...
    Thanks Again to both of you for all your help, and especially for retaining your sense of humoiur when I was really losing mine...

  4. I'm loving that hat, it's very Mongol on The Plains. I nailed the Follower part, but for some reason I cannot figure out how to Follow.

    It doesn't seem to stick after I go through the process. I doubt it has any deeper meaning then not hitting Save though.

  5. Well guess what Holly..your li'l avi is in my Followers box, so you can do it after all...
    But maybe yoyu can't see it for whaqtever reason..Google gets pretty cryptic sometimes..
    Great about the hat, hadn't really thought about it, now I need to get a steppes pony and a long curved sword for staging the pics of it..

  6. Everyone wants a pony, geesh. Have you noticed your blog url is msexilei? That always gives me a bit of a smile. Maybe you needs a Naughty Bits Hat.

  7. I've had comments on that, but trying to design a sexy lei, hmmm, think Georgia O'Keefe already took care of the flowers, so..a naughtybits hat? My ambitions don't extend to Regretsy, but i'll keep it in mind..who knows, might sell better than anything else I've done so far ;)