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Friday, February 19, 2010

Is The Universal Conciousness Art?

A recent posting of mine, discussing the universality of art objects throughout the world, and time, has a nicely illustrated backup from Discovery News, about recent digs in Ghana, and what was found there...
Aside from my fascination with all things in cultural anthropology, the pictures represent so well what I was saying in the older art from various times and places has so much in common with art from other continents and older, or much younger civilizations
This is a link to the Ghana article:

And here is a link to my earlier posting on this blog:

I hope you read the very short article re Ghana, but most of all, look at the pictures...I know, I'm not being condescending..have you ever looked at pre-Columbian stauary, or viewed Australian aboriginal paintings?
The similarities to these West African objects are both eerie and enlightening.
Kinda puts all the whining about copying online in perspective...


  1. Mama Holli-
    You have to give some context for your comments here-lol-what are people gonna think,,,(she didn't say anything about a diet in this post)
    Ah well, guess they can go and check out your blog...maybe i'll get some well-deserved sympathy...