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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our False Spring..

Our Province, as is obvious to anyone who is paying attention to the Owelympics, is currently experiencing weather that would make Californians blush...I've been here since '72, and I'm convinced that this is the warrmest Winter ever here on the Left Coast; although too much snow was a genuine PITA last year, this is ridiculous..
The weather has resulted in what business types would call a 'downward trend' in my hat sales, both online and the weekly market. Luckily for me, my hats don't go out of style or have a best before date, so it isn't as if I have to get rid and wait til next winter and hope for successive, trying to make the best of it by concentrating on other things, keeping my life on at least a semi-linear trajectory in the possibly vain hope that all will be well.
The positive spin I can put on this El Nino counter-offensive is that my tulips are up and gorgeous almost a month early, and as usual I'm itching to start gardening, but cannot because as all amateur gardeners know, often to their chagrin, that the stores set things out way too early, we get all giddy and enthusiastic and end up losing it all to a late frost or some Biblical March that rains continuously for 40 days and 40 nights, and drowns our tender young plants.
I feel like my business plan resembles those tender young plants, trying with everything they have to establish themselves, so the lesson I take away from this Winter's contrary weather(I could feel drowned in debt and failure, but I know that here in LALa Land, you just have to wait 10 minutes and everything can change in ways unimaginable) is that I'm sure Chaos Theory was thought up to explain British Columbia.


  1. You know tulips are grown a lot here in Omaha. My grandma would plant them and when I was about 2 or 3 she had just planted some and I picked them all but only the flower portion and not the stem and presented them to her, lol. She told that story often. I have some easter lilies that come up in the spring but they were planted by the person who lived here before we did. I don't have much of a green thumb myself.


  2. Hi there! So glad you came by for a visit tonight so I could find you, too! Been enjoying reading through some of your posts--love your sense of humor!

    I'll be back often to say hi & see what you're up to--hope you've had a wonderful weekend!