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Monday, March 8, 2010

Spelling and the New Order

When I acquired my first computer (2 years ago?) I asked my friend, JoAnn, who was helping me set everything up, to turn off the Spell Check- I find it incredibly irritating and useless on a creative level, since it underlines my foreign-sounding last name, among other annoying things...but sometimes wish I hadn't done it. Some of my misspellings are laughable, and I do regret my lackadaisical approach to proofing...
I was looking over my new Etsy listings from two days ago, and lo and behold, this English Major (me) had misspelled a few words in her title and descriptions.
This is embarrassing on several levels-anyone who has viewed the listings might have had a good laugh, or gone elsewhere, being turned off by my raging illiteracy-or my opinion of my own skills needs a major revising.

Realizing that I can't type fast enough to keep pace with my thoughts, I have to remember to proofread things two or three times, but of course, when we are tired or driven mad with boredom (listing frequently gives me that gnashing-of-the-teeth feeling, at the very least) we (notice how I've succumbed to the royal "we", as if to distance myself from responsibility?) often forget to check our grammatical innovations, till much later, and way too late....
My Saturday Outdoor Market is starting up again in two weeks, and last night the e-mails were flying fast and furious between myself and the temporary Market manager, a lovely, patient woman named Elizabeth, who, I'm convinced, must think I am the raging bitch of all time, but you know, just can't help myself..
Bureaucratic decisions leave me breathless with both amusement and frustration...a perfectly good, kind, helpful Market manager (Jim) has been arbitrarily let go and replaced by someone who no one seems to know much about; we are suddenly forced to pay three times what the fair application cost us last year, for "insurance" reasons, but with no accompanying copies, PDFs, or even whiffs of that policy for us to peruse or understand, and the hours of the Market have been reduced..
So, to summarize, I now have to deal with an unknown person who seemingly usurped the job of a much-loved Market manager for no apparent reason (well, not at all apparent to me!)
I must pay a triply increased fee, plus, of course, the weekly fees, to apply for and be insured by, this Market.
The hours I can sell have been reduced by one hour per week.
I was told in sweet, long-suffering Elizabeth's final e-mail to me last night that the hours were changed due to the vendor response to a survey, which of course, I never saw...
Regret is a funny emotion, if that is what it can be called, but I regret all the questions to Elizabeth, who, after all, is simply carrying out the job that is assigned to her by the new Board of Directors (apparently 6 members quit and have all been replaced!)
I regret being too broke to have joined the Market as a member, which would have given me voting and speaking rights at meetings...
Would anything be different if I had breen there, ranting about trust, loyalty and morale?


  1. Sounds like politics to me. Isn't it unfair how you were never informed of anything, yet, if you didn't follow through YOUR obligations and let them know important info, their rules and regulations would still stand. Good luck!


  2. OMG, that last time I deleted my blog then undeleted it right away when it came back I had lost my spell checking ability on posts and it drives me nuts.