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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

*GROAN* My First Visit to the 'puter Doctor....

Guess I've been lucky 'til now-no issues, no (shhhh!) viruses, no problems with my 2 year old computer..and it's the hated Vista Home Premium, as well....
Never could figure out why people found Vista such a drag, but I'm beginning to...
Now I know it isn't anybody's fault but my own for allowing this thing to sneak in and bite me...
By the way, if you get a little orangey-pink pop-up that says "Security Tool" and won't let you eliminate it for more than a second, and then makes it impossible for you to access anything online, just assume the position, head between your knees and kiss your butt have my deepest's been "going around" apparently, like H1N1, but no shot that I know of to keep it at bay...
The only thing I was warned about, (and thank goodness for the warning, 'cuz I'm really a tech-innocent in so many ways), was to stay off sites like surveys, petitions, etc. The kind that are rampant on Facebook..and being political, I agree to support anything and everything progressive...more fool I...
So lighter by the equivalent of about two week's worth of groceries, this semi-unhappy yet relieved camper is back in business, more or, how were things while I was away, or, to quote my beloved Grandma, "How's by you?"


  1. Another thing to be wary of is opening attachments in email. My computer crashed a couple of years ago right before I got to Etsy and it cost like $300 to have it fixed. I had a little virus guy who would jump up and literally scream at you and scare the hell out of you until finally it just crashed. Sorry it happened.


  2. Aw, gosh, thanks Puss...I was just cruisin' all of your posts that I missed, and commenting...nice to be back in the saddle

  3. Being computer challenged as I am, I'm surprised this hasn't happened to me...yet! I try to be careful, but technology is so darn smart that us (and I mean me) can't keep up. I just write and blog, write and
    Have a good one.


  4. Bunny, when I asked my fixit guy how it happened-he pointed out that if you go to sites that aren't 'established' with security-like on Facebook, there are 'join' this group, play this game, etc. These and any 'unknowns' are the ones you have to watch out for..they aren't terribly secure, and apparently this is where they lurk...I just started on Facebook regularly, but now it'll be strictly for messaging friends, etc.
    I hate that, but can't afford any more "visitors"...

  5. Hi mizdarlin, thanks so much for your entrance into my blog giveaway, but unfortunately your fab name couldn't be included as the competition had already ended.

    Hope you get your computer sorted, it's really cruddy to get these viruses, and also pretty awful taking your computer to people to sort it out!

  6. Thanks anyway Rachel..I didn't notice the timeframe until after I'd entered...oh well, it was fun...