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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Was that A Day or...?

Well! Just got finished hauling all my assorted stuff from my Market back into my storage locker...feel like a stevedore-aching and tired...I had an odd yet great first day back...

Our Outdoor Market started again today, and it is wonderful to be out of doors once more, despite all the work of erecting the tent and hauling everything in and out of the truck 4 times in 6 hours...not to mention the setting-up, which is about an hour-earrings on the earring display, pair by pair, dummy heads on the stands, hats on the dummies, set up the tables, set up the so-called easy-up canopy (ha!), then take down again, then haul out of the truck in several trips and walk to the storage locker, etc, etc. etc. Then rearrange everything thirty times or until you're happy with it, or you stop fussing...whichever comes first...
All you Etsy types will appreciate when I tell you that this is a strictly adjudicated fair, and what did I see but a reseller...that's right, someone who gets hats wholesale, sews her own label in them, and tells people that she makes 'em herself...I did speak to someone on the committee, but they weren't anxious to deal with it-shades of you-know-who!
But I know she won't get too far in this venue-people here are particular ...
My day was dragging a bit 'til the last hour, and then something remarkable happened...the most expensive hat I have went out of the was outrageous, and beaded, and other people who had looked at it thought it was too wild for them, or they didn't like the that was great for my ego; that sale let me know that I can go 'over the top' when the mood strikes, and someone out there will 'get' it...
Tried to talk someone out of buying a tiny, tiny baby hat that I was sure wouldn't fit, but she said this was a tiny, tiny, okay...
as they walked away, tiny baby hat in a lovely baby bag, I suddenly remembered that they had bought hats from me for themselves last Autumn-repeat customers! Love it!
All in all, a very educational day...and a nicely lucrative one..

What did you learn at the Market, Ms?
Well, I learned not to assume (once again) that my lack of sales on Etsy means very much...
I learned that resellers have their own karma to contend with, so I don't need to get upset, the Universe will continue to unfold as it should...

And I learned to trust the famous Murphy (of Murphy's Law)who states that when you've about given up on the day and are packing up, that's when they show up in droves and start buying...


  1. Hang in there honey! I don't think Etsy or outdoor markets are always a gauge of how great your work is. Sometimes it's just all about timing. I'm hoping to do another craft fair soon. The first one was a bust but I never give up! Or give in! =)

  2.'s hard work setting up and schlepping everything for display but eventually people will get to know you and your wonderful already have a repeat customer...So, hang in there,it'll get better and easier.


  3. Thanks OCB and Bunny! It's wonderful to have such friendly and agreeable posters to my blog.. :o)♥

  4. Congrats on selling your hat!


  5. Yo, Puss! Nice to see you again...howzit going?

  6. I am feeling a lot better mizdarlin. It is amazing how much better I feel now that I got those cholesterol meds out of my system. I had so much muscle and body pain I literally felt 85 years old. It just made me feel sick all the time. It is a lot better now thank goodness and thanks for asking. I also see your jewelry shop has picked up a bit and congrats on that too.