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Sunday, April 25, 2010

B'lieve I'll Dust My Broom....

Getting bored with looking at my empty e-mail box from Etsy, decided to go ahead and get involved in some other sites...

I had a zibbet account from a long time ago, but decided to sign up for a premium account ($7 per month, no other charges) and figured, if nothing else, it's free advertising, because they let you post Etsy Minis on your shop site-(Etsy Admin is clutching their respective pearls at the thought of allowing such a thing!)
Their uploading system is a bit quicker too, and you can 'play' with the appearance of your shop, to a certain sales yet, but believe it or not, more views lately than Etsy!

In the Forums, I read about another site called CraftIsArt, so for free, 25 item maximum, I went over there and -I'm so very stoked about this- they do an instant upload of Etsy items-you pick the ones- and everything but the shipping profiles is instantly there, yes, pics and all!
(Etsy Admin feels faint, rushes to arrange itself gracefully on a beige couch with a beige backdrop)....
Now I've had more views there than Etsy what's going on?

Dunno....but it's better to spread your little eggs around in different baskets, yes? So that's what I'm doin'...


I tried Artfire awhile ago, but too expensive for no return-although I love the fact that you are auto-listed with GA, and their one page listing is great...but the people who run it seem to be, oh, what shall I say, a bit bizarre, and their Forums are more of a blood sport than even Etsy's, so personally, I steer clear....

The way I see it, there's lots of opportunities to give someone else your money and advertise on their blog, etc. But having several shops means lots of exposure for practically nothing...


  1. Hello Mizdarlin :) thank you for your sweet comment on my blog ! wish you success and happiness, bisous

  2. Wendi,

    Your sense puttin' all your huevos in one basket...let everyone enjoy your creativity...YOU GO GIRL!


  3. I can't believe I never added your Etsy shops to my faves! Just did and thanks for catching my size boo-boo! =)

    xo, Jeanine

  4. I can hardly believe it myself, Jeanine, but now that's resolved...I noticed you don't have a lot of size info in your stuff...and I'm neurotic about giving out too much info re size...what's that all about? lol

  5. I'm sure whatever you do, you'll do very well!

    Thanks for your visits--you're always so nice to me! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  6. I love crochet, your hats are adorable! I understand your comments above, that's one of the reasons I stopped working with the stained glass... You make it, but where's the outlet to sell it? Everything depends on the right person seeing something at the right time. Have a great day!

  7. Why not be involved in other sites - it's good exposure if nothing else. I guess Etsy is a little difficult to work with? As a buyer I don't like that they don't let you combine shipping or discounts on one invoice. It's a paint to buy several things from one seller and then have to wait for them to reimburse you.


  8. I have never heard of this dusting your broom saying.


  9. It's an old Robert Johnson song, Puss, basically sayin' gonna straighten things out, leave town, get organized, etc.
    Great song, I think the 70's blues group Canned Heat did a version of it...a bit old school for you, though...but then, I am old school!

  10. I agree with the idea of doing more than just Etsy. I love that it's free to set up & the listings only costs 20 cents for each listing. I also have a pro account on ArtFire, very few sales there, it's more exposure & advertising, since they let you import your Etsy listings, but it's pricey. I guess I could think of it as part of an advertising budget. Maybe some of the other sites would be better. I'm definitely not one of the lucky "quit your day job" few. You have cute things in your shop. I hope things start to go better (for us all). Thanks for showing that we're all in the same boat.