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Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Stuff #2- Of Birds, Crafting and generally Chasing our Tails...

I'm feeling less than enthusiastic these days about being an online seller of my handmade goods, but I realize that it isn't just me...
If you spend any time in the Forums of handmade sites, the issue seems to be it Google, is it Etsy, the Fates, the economy...?
My own theory is that things have reached their 'natural' plateau...and that very few of us are gonna survive this downturn, because too many of us are working on attracting the same scarce dollars...
Okay, I admit I'm one of the 'lucky' kids, no one to support but me, and have a small pension for survival money, so I at least don't have to walk away, but can wait it out..

Ultimately, I think that's what we all have to do...and, by the way, it isn't just online sales that are affected...I am down now to once a month for my 'weekly' Market that was bringing in enough to make it worthwhile for the expenses, but not since January has it been profitable, or, at the least, a break-even situation. I do feel that a more level playing field will result by Fall of this year; in the meantime, have to find a part-time alternative..

Are many of you hooked on the live bird cams, so prevalent today online? I have an Eagle Cam (link at end of this posting) from a location about an hour South of here, near the ferry terminal that brings vehicles and passengers from Vancouver and the Lower Mainland over to this Island...and it's so exciting to watch-now in my mind, that's true reality TV..
I also an linked to an Owl Cam-from San Marcos, California, and just today a bluebird cam from Texas....amazing how engaging these creatures are.

When I think about what bird parents deal with, day after day, determined, not swayed by scarcity or exhaustion, it makes me a bit ashamed about my own stops now...well, I'll try...


  1. Yeah, it's tough. I hear about it from everyone here. What can you do? Be creative in advertising? Giveaways? All this takes time right? Your work is gorgeous and perhaps that will pull you through...


  2. Thanks for the nice thoughts, bunny...I'm sure hoping that it will get better in time...

  3. Agh, I love birds! I could watch them ALL DAY LONG!

    Thing are so tough right now. Seems like everyone is having troubles. It's so sad. I hope you make it through. Your creations are beautiful!

  4. Thanks so much, Amy! Love that Trail of Hearts is back!