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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lipstick Red...

Have you had a thing that you wanted for years, but it was elusive? I bet all of us have been there, and none more than me...I'm a fairly practical woman, having learned the hard way that, as much fun as it is to spend like the proverbial intoxicated mariner, the pain the next day would give a hangover a good name..
My old microwave oven having returned to it's maker, Westinghouse, I decided to look for a new one...I don't actually cook with my microwave, just find it amazingly handy for two things-defrosting, and popcorn..not those horrid little packs, but full-fledged canola-oil and kernels popping properly, with melted real butter and one of those wonderful salt-substitute herbal mixtures that add some real interesting flavours to this most plebian, yet historical of all foods (the First Nations are rumoured to have taught the Pilgrims how to make popped corn, and I've been grateful ever since! Almost makes up for tobacco....)
As I perused the microwaves in my favourite small appliance outlet here in British Cloumbia, a store called, no relation, London Drugs, I came across an irrestible compact model in absolute lipstick red...I was signed, sealed and delivered right there and then...what a colour!
Now I love my li'l microwave, but it started a hunger in me for red appliances that I've found difficult to accomodate. I first found a bright red stovetop kettle, and bought it, but the base of the kettle developed a rather impractical hole not long after purchase, so that went into the trash.
I found the perfect little red coffeee maker, finally, in a flyer of a big department store here..yay! It was a dainty four-cupper, which is exactly what I needed- no ten or twelve cups for me, which is the capacity of most coffee machines, unnecessary for a single person...

I took two buses to get downtown and grab one...but they were out..I saw them advertised in other flyers for other stores, but they were always sold out when I went to get one..what was happening? Was this such a trend that they were going to become the Birkin bag of the small appliance world, on order forever, stamped out by hand and labouriously redcoated for the pleasure of the jet-setting coffee afficionados of the world?
I even got in touch with the two companies who I had noticed made the best ones..CuisinArt and KitchenAid...never heard back from CuisinArt and Kitchen Aid apparently no longer made them...

So I in fact gave up *sigh*...and the years went rolling by, my beautiful lonely microwave, like it's owner, partnerless in a red-loving but shortchanged universe...

Today on my way home from a fruitless search of my local Sally Ann for any goodies of any description, I stopped at the only garage sale I'd seen...and guess what was waiting for me in a bright purple bag...complete with three-quarters of a packet of Melitta filters? Ah yes, *blush* you guessed it...
So, feeling as if I had Christmas in April, I have to say, to my readers and myself, you just hang in there, you never know...


  1. Good for you! And I would love to come visit!!!!!


  2. You haven't seen my kitchen have you?..Most of my small appliances are red...although, I would kill for a red Have a wonderful week and regarding the tea set...Oma would have preferred to share a shot of SCHEVENINGEN( a form of German moonshine) with


  3. So funny! Sorry you went through so much trouble--but good things really do come to those who wait! I love red appliances, too--have a red toaster, Kitchenaid mixer, blender, and LOTS of utensils! Red in the kitchen is happy!

    Thanks for your visit tonight and for your kind words!

    Hope you have a wonderful night!

  4. See, this backs up my question of where the red appliances are's two culprits admitting to hoarding all the red ones! Hmmph! Well, guess i was luckier than i thought... =^)♥

  5. My kitchen is done in Campbell's Soup theme and I would love red appliances to match.