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Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Stuff #1 ('Cuz That's The Way My Brain Works Best...)

The picture above this is my first entry into what I'm gonna affectionately call my "Rogue's Gallery", because it's the first actual picture of someone wearing one of the hats I've been selling for years...many have promised, but few have come through, and I thought, once I have a few (if that ever happens) I would start a bit of a scrapbook to display at my weekly Market for the inspiration of customers who like my hats, but aren't sure what it will "look like" on whoever they are buying it for...
This little cutie is the niece of a fellow crafter, a marvelous jewelry maker I sell with at my Saturday Market..

I really wish someone would move to this damn Island who knows how to make proper Chinese cuisine, specifically, but not limited to Szechuan...I was, I admit, spoiled for choice in Vancouver, a definite Foodie's Paradise, but nothin' here for miles, and some who have lived here say, not anywhere at all on the whole Island...
I found a great little take-out sushi place a few miles down the road in Chemainus, but miss my Chinese food terribly...going through hot and sour soup withdrawal...I have a recipe for it, but there are 3,847 ingredients, practically none of them available here...
C'mon, someone on the Mainland, we need you here, you'd make a fortune because all the expats here (and we are legion!) complain about this..I'm talking the Central Island area, not Victoria, which, I'm sure, has decent restaurants, but way too far to drive..

Etsy certainly seems to be slowing to a crawl these days, and I can't help but wonder why...supposedly the economy is improving for everyone...but Market sales are slow too, so don't know what the answer is-maybe tax time?
And for all you Californians who read my blog (and I know from my little visitors widget that you do!) nice save! Between your earthquake and our windstorm, seems we pay a heavy price for living on the West Coast...but totally worth it.


  1. Such a doll with her little knit beanie. My girlfriend sells on Etsy too and she says the same thing..but, what can you do? Continue to create and stock then we should be turning the corner and then you'll make a Yep...this last earthquake was quite the ride. Have a good one~

  2. Thanks, bunny...but it's crochet, if you please! :)
    Having 'ridden' out some bad earthquakes when I was younger in California, I can attest to the power...
    Thanks for the words of are a sweetie too!♥

  3. Thanks for stopping by. You're right, we seem to be having a bit of an explosion here in the UK of thrifty and make do and mend all rolled into one. It means I can sell everything I love. My Etsy store has been a bit abandoned of late as I've been teaching like mad and not been a good shopkeeper. I am going to update my workshop and etsy store as soon as. I'll post when it's all up and running again.

    Love your crochet by the way.

    Lisa x

  4. That hat is adorable! Glad you signed up for HARO - any publicity is good publicity! And yes, Etsy a little slow for me too right now but I'm being patient. =)