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Monday, June 21, 2010

Dateline: Vancouver..Adventures in Crocheting..The Third Installment..

I decided I needed to make myself a hat one day in 1995..
I was attending what was referred to at the time as a Christmas Craft Fair (*clutch pearls* *shudder*), and there were some young girls with some nice - looking knit caps in a slouch design. I tried on the largest they had, but it was like a skull cap on me..they bravely smiled and said, "Oh, that looks nice" but we all knew it wasn't was supposed to 'slouch,' and it didn't.
I was embarrassed, once again, by the massive size of my noggin..and they were sale..

Okay, some background...
It has been one of my many unfortunate physical drawbacks, this gigantic head of mine, present since, apparently, birth. One of my mother's stories about me is that when he delivered me, the eminent Dr. Baldwin told her I had the largest head he'd ever seen on any newborn baby..
As I grew older, poor Mom tried in vain to find a sunbonnet for me, or just anything, but it wasn't gonna happen..little Miss Wendi had a head that would be the envy of any egotist you could name..
Mom used to threaten, when I sassed her, to "put you back where you came from"; as i got older, I never failed to point out that that it would hurt her more than it hurt me.

As I grew older, of course I harbored secret lusts for hats of all types..a nice fedora like Edward G. Robinson, a cowgirl hat like Dale Evans, or a jaunty, fabulous cloche like Ingrid Bergman always seemed to wear in every film noir..but it was not to be..every hat I tried on was too small..even in men's hat stores, the biggest hats they had were too small..*sigh* it's not easy being me..

I decided, after that Christmas Fair, that I was going to try my hand at a slouchy cap..the only problem was, I didn't know how to knit, and since I'm left-handed (what else would a giant-headed woman be?) never found anyone to teach me..
I finally got some yarn, and just played and played til I figured it out..and then, one day, found the yarn that would change my life forever..
Melodramatic? You bet! Still, it's true, because I walked into this wee yarn and sewing shop on 4th Ave in Vancouver, BC one day in 1996, and found a faux fur-ish ombre'd brown yarn that looked like an unraveled teddy bear..I bought it, made a great slouch hat for myself with it, and every time I wore it that winter, people would ooh and aah over it..and ask where I got it, and try and buy my creation right off my head..I used to entertain myself by letting them try it on, and laugh when the brim would drop over their eyes..
And, that is how I got started making my crocheted hats.


  1. Oh, MizDarlin, You crack me up! You gave me a much needed laugh today! I guess being big headed is better than being a pin head! (just joking :) ) You would be proud of me, I am using all kinds of color in my projects now! Aqua!

    Maybe I will convert you to white yet!

  2. LOL. From the pics I have seen your head doesn't look much different than anyone else's. This was a cute story tho.


  3. Ah, the 'pics'..I also don't really look that good..dunno what happened with those pics..scared to meet anyone new now, they'll be so disappointed..
    I have a MASSIVE head, Puss..measure yours around with a tape it?
    Are you sitting down? Mine is almost 26"..not exactly normal, to say the least..

  4. You know what they say about a big head....more creative brain cells....point taken!

    I'm back,


  5. That was cute! My daughter and I tried crocheting granny squares yesterday and for the life of me I just can't understand the concept! All I can do is make long chains! But we're trying again Friday so maybe something will click.


  6. Gee, Manuela..sounds like me and knitting!
    Good luck!

  7. Hi Again, MizDarlin,
    would you believe that I didn't know what saganaki was? I had to look it up! (and I have been to Greece before, I should've known it!) I thought it was called "Opa" since that is always what they say when it's served in a restaurant! Too bad you don't have any Greek restaurants by you. You could create a Greek dining experience at home, though! Kebabs, spanikopita, baklava, oh boy! I am drooling at the thought!

  8. Well it wouldn't matter to me. I would like you anyway.