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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Don't Know Much About..

I have to admit to feeling a bit envious of some bloggers' beautiful homes and gardens..when you are relegated to an apartment (admittedly with a lovely view, but..) and in your mind you are an avid gardener and home re-decorator, it can be frustrating to have nothing to offer ...
But of course, all of us have sometihing to offer, and I realized from browsing around that many people talk about, or post pics of, things they collect..well, I have a rather extensive collection myself, and know from being in situations where I'm 'fighting' for a piece with someone else who wants it (it hasn't come to fisticuffs, yet..) that I'm not the only one..
So for the first time here, and hopefully I will try to remember for next week, I declare this to be "Piggy Tuesday", you don't have to have a collection yourself to participate..a picture, a figurine, even a fabulous pork recipe for all us non-vegetarians to ooh and ahh over would be fine..I know of one certain piggy fan who has already expressed a willingness to participate, so here is my first 'entry'..
An interesting little half of a salt and pepper set, with the gold-foil company logo still plastered on the butt..I found it at a thrift store for a quarter, and doesn't this little porker have an expression of insouciance about it's jowly face?

His endgame is underneath this post..


  1. Ya gotta love the pig Miz! This is a cute one, you're lucky the tail is still in good shape! Don't know how to link up, but I'll paste my blog name if anyone would like to see my garden pig!

  2. cute. I love little piglets. When I'm at Raquel's School Farm, I talk to the pigs and they grunt a real conversation. Maybe I'll take a few pics and participate or I could make


  3. I think that carnitos con puerco would be muy bueno..or pics..or just anything piggy, whatever works for you..piglets are smart..too bad they taste so darn good..

  4. That is sooooo cute! There are so many cute S&P shakers out there and they're so inexpensive (plus they don't take up a lot of space). I'll look forward to seeing more of your collections!


  5. Why am I not seeing a pig?


  6. Sorry Puss..I have to just keep changing the pictures in the areas where i have them..i know it sux, but that's blogger...

  7. I live in an apartment too and feel your pain :). I would love to be able to paint my walls or have a gareden... we do have tomato plants on the balcony now! Thanks for your comment on my blog!