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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tales From The Ladysmith Night Market ....

Has an eerie ring to it, doesn't it?
I wish...nope, it isn't the title of a long-lost Ray Bradbury novel, but the start of our annual Thursday Night Farmer's Market..and hopefully (the glass is always half-full around here, dear readers!)this year's model will be better than last...

I have been trying for a week now, ever since I received actual proof that it was happening, in the form of a four-page supplement in our local little paaper, to apply..finally got someone to email the application and ran out of ink in the printer..wrote it out, by hand, and sent messages to 2 of the 3 people in charge (all volunteers, of course) and still, on the day before, have not heard I in?
One of the issues with these Markets is they are run by volunteers, and as such, you have no idea when or if anyone can answer a simple call for vendors is issued, no callback from someone who knows you are interested, none of just have to chase your proverbial tail and hope that when you show up, someone has had the foresight to 'pencil you in'...
So we'll have to be patient and see what surprises await tomorrow afternoon...
The Market hours are from 4pm to 8pm- great hours up here in the Great White North, where it stays light til around 9:30pm-I will chronicle my misadventures here for your delectation, that is, if I have any...


  1. Good morning MizDarlin,
    I hope you are able to be part of the Farmer's Market! Sounds like it's been frustrating! Keep us posted. I am very excited about my giveaway, and I am so sorry that I am not able to open it to our neighbors to the north. I had a not so great experience awhile back trying to ship something to an etsy customer in Canada, thanks to customs. I have since heard other etsy sellers voice the same problems with shipping between the US & Canada. Didn't think it would even be an issue. So, sorry!

  2. I'm sorry too giveaway was won by Karen from FairyGraphics, who lives in the States..she should be opening her parcel right about now..I am originally from the States, and every item I've sold on Etsy has gone frequent purchases on my part from the States, and all over the world..the only problems I had out of 300+ Etsy transactions were 2- and both problems generated in the States..but of course, it is your choice..

  3. Good luck mizzy~ I love that little dino knit cap...your so creative girl!

    have a good one.

  4. I hope they call you back misdarlin and you get in. I like that little dragon or dinosaur hat on the big pic on your blog.

    I know on eBay we used to play games and you could win money and prizes (I won $25 twice) and Canadians could not play because their country has some law about games and sweepstakes and things.