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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bacon, a Love Story, or..If You Can't Beat 'Em, Fire Up the Fryin' Pan...

Yesterday afternoon, I got a little bit depressed about the fact that my Piggie Tuesday entry engendered not one comment, and very few views, so as a protest (well...not really..just for the sheer fun of it) I decided, for once in my life, to do what the 'cool kids' are doing, or at least my own geeky version of cool kids, and add to that fabulous panoply of smoky goodness that seems to be reproducing itself daily..that's right, bacon!

So herewith is my so-far one and only, unique contribution to that genre, a hat that is the very vision of one of my favourite sandwiches, served open faced and warm, just for your delectation...look up!!


  1. Well, if I had been home Tuesday, I surely would have commented on your awesome pig! It is great! And your blt hat is, too!
    You crack me up!

  2. Oh your so funny...and talented. You want real bacon...go to my blog...seriously, it doesn't get more real than that. Hope your doing well...take care my friend.


  3. Well, I DO like bacon, and I love your "sandwich" hat! Your jewelry is very beautiful! Just stopping by for a quick visit today, but plan to come back and enjoy reading your earlier posts.


  4. Welcome Bill, my 20th Follower and my first man-
    *blush* Follower, that is! You have a lovely blog, wish I had your mad skills with a camera..