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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flight of The Corn Godess..Yep, Piggie Tuesday!!!

This is a little acrylic painting I did about 20 years ago...I's just lost in the mists of time, folks; been so long since I've done any drawing or painting, that to be honest, just can't remember..
It's very small, acrylic on canvas board, about 5"X7"..and a dollar store frame, back in the day when dollar stores sold actual carved wood and gilt frames..
I have a 'thing' about flying pigs..made my first one back in 1974, a papier-mache statue I wish I still had, with monarch butterfly wings.
This one has a pretentious title, because I was trying, a little bit, to spoof the overwrought vapours of art critics and the artists who fall prey to the nonsense spewed these is for everyone, and should sometimes be playful, as well as serious..hence the "Godess" of corn...

Hope you enjoy her...

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