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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shout-Out to Celebrate Odd Etsy!

This is a great blog for the most snark or laughing at people, or sarcastic running commentary from the blogger (hate that!) like Regretsy, just some good weirdness and geekiness..I enjoy it as a break from all the sweetness and light...sometimes ya just need a zombie or two, or a bacon rasher necklace, to cheer you up!

I also love to be someone's first's thrilling for them and for me! And I picked Creepy Stuff as my seller..

I kind of collect art dolls..but strictly strange ones, and this one is definitely strange..I'll post it when I get it..this may not be to your taste, but check out the blog anyhow..
I also submitted her shop as a possibility to Celebrate Odd Etsy!, the blog that posts on these various "unique" stores..this is a very democratic blog, as much as submitted shops can be..
We are free to comment, check them out, find them offensive (I have done all three) but I like the idea that there is an alternative to Etsy Front Page beige stick-figure model minimalism..
For somethng different, go check out Celebrate Odd Etsy!


  1. I LOVE Celebrate Odd Etsy! :)

  2. I was hoping this blog would take off along with her shop. She just got some publicity somewhere I heard so maybe that will help more.