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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My "new" Etsy Shop..hats4moppets..

I always felt that my baby hats were a bit overlooked, in amongst the adult hats..a bit chaotic and a bit too 'rummage sale', so I decided to open a new shop just for the wee hats I make, also all OOAK (one of a kind) and, as usual, I'll be doing custom work as well..
I'm not currently vending at my Saturday Farmer's Market; it's a great time for buying veggies..hats, not so much, but the baby hats always seem to sell-they are such a great shower gift, and babies are born all year long..
Come the Autumn season, I also get buyers who want a hat colour-co-ordinated with winter coats for children, so, back to the Market in late August.
Meanwhile I am making and listing, making and listing..and hoping for the best.
If you have the time or inclination, drop by! The new widget is just to the right...


  1. Well I think it is a really cute shop and they all look good in there together. I wish you much luck with it. Also I just wanted to say that maybe I am not sure how to use your widgets, but when I want to see your shop I end up having to google it because I can't find a way to get to your shop by a link in the widget? Maybe I'm stupid. I probably am. I love the wintergreen and roses hat, that is something I might have chosen for myself. I don't blog much anymore mizdarlin just so you know but I will try to stop in periodically. Good luck with your new shop it looks good.


  2. If I had a baby I would totally buy a few hats from you...but here in Cali..there is no need for me to wear one..that and I look funny. Have a good one!


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  4. Hey PussDaddy..
    Just hit the little blue word 'more' at the end of the title on any hat, and it will take you into the shop!
    And if you want a hat like the wintergreen and roses baby hat, I can actually make it, or something similar to it, in your size..I've done more than one custom adult-sized hat from a child's version, e.g. teddy bears..shhhh..don't tell..

  5. Congrats on your new shop! Love the name. Hope it is a hit! I am off to check it out :)

  6. Oh thanks for that info mizdarlin. And for offering to make me a hat. I am not really big hat person tho and I never wear one. I don't think I have worn one since grade school but thanks so much for offering. That particular one is lovely.