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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mars, Other Galaxies, and Creation Myths

Two things happened yesterday that had a strange synchronicity..if that word means anything..
Don't know about you, but not only am I a bit of a closet space geek, but get the Discovery News blog and read it daily..two things related and far-fetched came to my attention, and got me musing about creativity and the human brain..
It was announced (in major newspapers too) that the discovery of many Earth-like planets in several galaxies meant that the chances for other life forms "out there" was greatly enhanced.
Last night, I watched what may have been a rerun (new to me) about the possiblility (nope, probability) of Earth "seeding" Mars to create an Earth-like atmosphere that, it is theorized, probably existed several billion years ago..
I won't bore you with the was a one hour program..but it got me wondering..
Could we, on Mars, be repeating what may have happened here billions of years ago?
There are so many creation myths in different cultures that involve gods coming from the skies to bring this or that benefit, always with the promise to return...sound familiar?
Thinking about literally re-creating an Earth, where before, there was only desolation and lifeless cold seems so, ummmm, old school, in the face of the 'new' discovery of multi-earth-like planets and yet, Mars is very close, and would make a great practice site for us, like a Victory garden where we can avoid all our historical mistakes and create a kind of Martian version of Paradise..
Makes ya wonder...

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