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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Piggie Tuesday!!!! August 3 '10

Greetings all..Piggie Tuesday features one of my newer faves, a lovely large porcelain pig I bought, new, at a nursery in Downtown Vancouver..
I was there for practical things, peat and soil and plants, but the minute I saw this darlin' I squealed like a piggie myself, grabbed her up and set her on the counter, next to the actual garden stuff...
Don't know how well you can see the detail of this sweetie..she has a lovely crazed glaze that makes her look very old, but she isn't..and, she was made in Vietnam!
I actually kept her out in my garden for a couple of years, bringing her inside for the Winter.. when I still had a garden- but she's been inside ever since..
The shot with my hand is to show you her size...

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