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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh! Yeah! It's Cargoh!

Just found and joined a new site for indie creators etc, called Cargoh..have to say that, so far, it's magic..
I have never seen my (extremely mediocre) photos pop like they do on that site, and I am, in three short days, experiencing 3 times the views on my items that I do on Etsy..really attractive, and Admin is very hands-on and responsive.
They state their mandate is to keep it strictly handmade and sold by the maker..and they will be taking steps to see that there are no issues, such as those to which Etsy seems indifferent ..(resellers)
I love the philosphy of Cargoh, since they insist that they are not just another e-commerce site, but a social network for artists and creative types -lots of music there too!-so that suits me-I wold rather discuss art, techniques and ideas, than have the constant barrage of whining and snarkiness that the Forums on other sites have degenerated into..
Yes, early days, but this site holds some 'creative types might wanna check it out..


  1. Thanks for the info! Sounds like a cool site. Congrats on getting more views :)

  2. I just heard of this site over on the Callin' Out blog. I hope you get lots of sales there.