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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cargoh mizdarlin Shop Up and Running....

For better or worse, and can't see how it could be any worse-referring to online sales-my new Cargoh shop now has it's own new banner and is up and running.
Set up by a couple of Canadians just across the pond from me, I'm expecting no immediate miracles, but hoping that since it is an adjudicated site that many of the problems with Etsy will not occur here..time will tell if we develop any kind of an audience, but right now just happy to let things unfold...come and have a look at Cargoh when you have a music too!


  1. I love your banner! I hope you have success with your new shop! I am going to check it out now :)

  2. Lovin' it...all the whimsy and such. Good Luck!


  3. Good luck with it. Oddly I must be the only one who can't see the link to it.


  4. Sorry, no link..the site is in beta, so if you just go to you can find me there under mizdarlin..

  5. Miz darlin, You inquired as to the girl bust at and were interested in purchasing her, you have no blogger profile so I am unable to contact you