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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Morning!! It's Piggie Tuesday...

Today I decided to share my one and only bought-as-a-collectible, my official, still in the box "Olivia" porcelain tea set, opened for the first time today...but just to take a picture for your amusement.

Isn't it wonderful..and Olivia is such a great's interesting to me that, since George Orwell wrote "Animal Farm", most pigs in literature and entertainment (Wilbur in "Charlotte's Web", Babe, Olivia) are heroes, or at least sympathetic creatures, as opposed to villains..
Enjoy, and I'd love to have you participate by sending photos of your own piggies, if you only would...♥


  1. Such an adorable tea set! I've always loved Olivia...

    Hope you're having a beautiful day!


  2. daughter was obsessed with Olivia when she was a youngster. This is so stinkin' cute...hold on to that. daughters middle name is Olivia...I knew we had a

    have a great week you!