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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Manuela, from the blog "The Pleasures of Homemaking" know the one with the drool-inducing pictures-just asked what we the readers did to motivate ourselves to clean our homes..
Which got me to there any motivation sufficiently tempting to induce me to clean? Certainly not simply the presence of, say, dust..although I do have asthma, and it helps if you dust a whole bunch, like daily (tears of laughter- insert here). I hate the fact that I foolishly bought an animal-print-and black bordered rug for my living room, because the black looks bad even after I vacuum it.., and the hardwood floors in my place, as pretty as they looked when I first moved in, are a real don't want to spend alot of time on them..hence the plethora of rugs everywhere..and of course, 15 minutes after you run the dustmop around the rugs to capture the dust from the floor, the rugs look like you never vacuumed in the 16 months that you've been here.. I never could understand why so many people hated hardwood floors, until now..they look good-for about 5 minutes..then you just have to keep your view on the pictures you've hung..that is really what they are to keep you from looking down and getting depressed all over again.
Speaking of art, even my living room wall looks messy..I tend to hang a bunch of things closely together-for effect, and to keep wall damage to a minimum (a renter's lament).
In my fantasies, I have won a lottery or made a huge sale on Etsy or Cargoh, whatever comes first, and suddenly I am wealthy enough to contribute to the economy by hiring someone to 'help' me clean...
Well, that and the ability to travel til it's all spent..but then, when you are traveling, someone else does the cleaning-up...


  1. I've been enjoying reading what other's like to do to motivate themselves to clean! I have laminate (Pergo) flooring and I hardly every do anything to it. I got the same color as my Maxie's (Golden Retriever) hair! I do have to keep on top of that black rug I put in my foyer, but it's small so it's not a huge deal.

    If I won the lottery I'd hire a cook! I'd rather clean than cook!


  2. I finally get motivated when I feel like I'm walking through a mine field of my boys' toys!