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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Catching the Brass Ring: It's Piggie Tuesday!!

Happy Tuesday- a mild but rainy one here..and this is my offering for the day..had to take the photo outside in a chair, due to the dark weather..
This 'brass' pig is, in actuality, about 15" long and about 5" high..he would sit majestically next to my fireplace if I had one...and his 'brass ring' is his tail, which is how I lift him from the floor-he's heavy!
I got him for way too much money, at a store in Vancouver called Wonderbucks..and it is a wonder..I did a whole bunch of buying there when I still lived in that city, so my brass pig is a souvenir of those days..
like all extravagant purchases, I shouldn't have, but could not resist..besides, I make up for it with all my fabulous thrift and garage sale finds, right?
At least that's what I tell myself...


  1. I love your pig! Oh, those once upon a time days when we could be extravagant, right?!

    Hope your day is wonderful!


  2. That is one cool piggie! Love him, I've never seen one like it before :)

  3. He is cute. I don't think I have any pigs myself.