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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Got Those Basement Suite Blues...Again...

For my US readers, who may not quite 'get' what basement suite means-it's as common here as an attic apartment might be in the States..
Because it rains lots here, all houses are built tall, so that if Noah suddenly shows up again, there will hopefully be something left that is dry and salvageable..
Of course, this leaves big ol' basements, and many homeowners turn them into suites, or apartments to rent out as 'mortgage helpers'..
That's were I come in..
I hate apartment buildings, having to put up with the repulsive stench of stale cigarette smoke from everyone else's apartments, and wafting in open windows when they are out on their balconies, listening to everyone else's awful, loud conversations and fighting, kids wailing, drunks howling, the unpleasant stench of trapped cooking odours garbage trucks right outside your bedroom window scaring the stuffing out of you at 7 in the morning...but- no pets, no way, no how..and no gardening, as well as your life being at the mercy of a landlady/lord whose personal tics might be less than he availing him/herself of a passkey when you are out, even though it's totally illegal? Etc....And all this in a very nice apartment building! On the plus side, of course,there is my glorious ocean and island view, which (almost) makes the rest worthwhile...
So I am looking, so far in vain, for a nice little cabin, cottage or basement suite, and considering the prices currently charged for rent on this Island, there are, apparently, a surplus of lottery winners who rent and don't buy...because they are the only ones who could handle most rents here.
*Sigh* Please, wish me luck as I really need to be on the ground floor, and feel grounded, again..


  1. Best of luck finding a wonderful and cute place to live! I know just what you mean about apartments! Many years ago I rented one, and I hated every minute! I am a country girl, so I felt like a fish out of water. Not to mention all the sleep I lost from wild parties!!

  2. Oh, and the people in the apartment directly above me always liked to vacuum at about midnight! Ugh!

  3. Argh! I had such a tough time posting earlier! I wanted to say I know how you feel - I almost rented a basement apartment but luckily my brother talked me out of it!

    You need a nice, quiet secluded cottage!


  4. A nice little cottage by the sea-aaahhh, doesn't seem too much to ask, does it, when you live on an Island...

  5. Oh! living on an Island sounds so dreamy and exotic..not so much the apartment part, but nonetheless...a cottage on an Island is an added bonus...good luck to you.


  6. I hated apartment living too. At least in California most had their own seperate entrance. Here in Nebraska most of them you enter a hallway and then the apartment doors go down the length of the hallway on each side and you enter your apartment that way-this traps all those smells like crazy. I hated smelling other people's food, listening to them argue and yell at their kids, I hated it when they sent their kids to the hallway to play as if we wanted them outside our door, and then if the neighbor isn't clean you end up with roaches even if you aren't dirty. One person would never take their garbage out they would just sit in the hall until they made a trip outside until we complained about it. My bedroom had sliding glass doors on it and they were not in straight so their was a crack where air came in and we would have icicles literally hanging on the inside so I had to roll up towels and tape them up to fill in the cracks. Then the snow and rain and ice backed up under the roof because the eaves or whatever froze and our ceiling caved in and we moved out. Luckly we only had to live there a little over a year until we could find a house. My house has it's flaws but nowhere else am I going to be able to rent a 3 bedroom, 2 car garage with a basement for only $525 a month so we stay. Eventually I get to move and leave this one too so it's not like it is permanent.

    I don't get tho why they build high up there mizdarlin then rent out the part that would flood to people. That's odd. But I hope you find what you want real soon. Good luck.