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Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello There!! It's Piggie Tuesday!! (sort of...)

Okay, technically a hedgehog is a rodent, not a pig, but they are called hedgehogs, and they are extremely cute, and my collection does contain a few of these token members of the porker family..
This is my most interesting one. It's a cast iron hedgehog doorstop that once had a brass finish, but it's worn off- can't remember where I picked this up, but it was long least 5-10 years, anyway..
Just to show you that it is in fact a working doorstop, I've put up two views of the wee case you were suspicious about it's utility, and thought it purely ornamental...


  1. It would make a good weopon mizdarlin. Who bashed in Colonol Mustard's head with a brass hedge hog door stop in the sitting room?


  2. When I first saw the hedgehog for your Piggie Tuesday, I thought "Oh, the poor dear doesn't realize this is Not a Pig!" tee, hee! And then I read your post! Thanks so much for your nice comments on my post today. One of the greatest compliments I can receive is hearing that I've inspired someone! So thanks! I can't take credit though for the flower frog as a postcard holder. I've seen that before in magazines, and now here in blogland :) But I wish that it was my own idea!!