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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Busier Than a Cat Covering Poop On a Marble Floor!

Pardon me for the vivid metaphor, but crocheting like mad for my Saturday Market and my two craft fairs for this month, one of them a three day affair...
Meanwhile, can't seem to keep these baby bearcub hats in stock..thought I'd share them with you..
My customers find them perfect for baby gifts for showers, or holiday gifts for those already born, and needing some coziness in the chillier season..
These are two I have just listed in my Artfire shop, and I'm making more..I also do custom ones for people who have their own ideas..let me know if I can do something for you, as a personal gift to your loved ones..


  1. Awww! Your little bear cub hats are adorable! I bet puppy and bunny hats would be popular, too! Great gift idea! Glad they are hopping, I mean flying, off your shelves!

  2. Thanks,Donna! Yep my first puppy hat sold right away, and i have a fairly new bunny hat that has gotten some "Awww"'s but that is it so far..I have many different animal hats, but the bears seem to be the most popular..guess everyone can relate to a living, breathing "Teddy Bear"...

  3. They are cute, and good luck with your shows. And Puss better not start messing on my marble floor (ok, it's tile, but who cares) or I am going to blame you. He's very impressionable, you know.