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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Vagaries of Online Selling..

I know that many of my readers sell/and/or buy online and I wish they would talk more about it, but they don't..
In shopping sites like ComeandGetsy or Artfire, there is much deliberation in the Forums, by sellers, about specific problems or experiences, but very little that isn't emotionally-based about what I consider the most important there any point in continuing?
Many fellow Makers that I speak to at my Farmer's Market are astounded that I even bother to try and sell online- they all have the same things to say..that they either tried but got nowhere, that there is no reason to bother because there are too many people trying to do the same thing online, the stuff they make won't "sell" online (I know that one well) or they find it too daunting to even make an attempt, as they don't feel computer-savvy enough to give it a try...
I used to argue with them, and tell them how much easier it was than they suspected (not being terribly tech-savvy myself, I was a noob authority) or point out, as so many in the Forums do, that they have to be patient and not expect instant gratification..that semi-terminal affliction that many of us suffer with...
We are all programmed for this..too much TV overstimulation as children, is my theory..since when did the delicious experience of waiting for a good thing to come to pass become so toxic?
I still love anticipation as much as the next dreamer, but find that I am getting impatient for sales online-I admit it..
After trying to be patient for a couple of years, I am realizing that economic recovery isn't the only reason for many of us selling little, if at all, online..
An odd thing happened earlier this month..I finally made an online sale..the first since last March..but the problem was, even with the Paypal receipt verifying payment, couldn't figure out what sold..or where!
When the e-mail from the site arrived, I was doubly astounded to realize that the sale was from a site I'd completely forgotten that I'd set up shop in..and had ignored ever since I did so-many, many months many in fact, I had to go there and try and remember doing any of it.
It was of course, one of those free for a limited number of items, and pay as you go..
I recently re-signed up with Artfire, because of their $6 a month 'deal'..permanent, no fees for sales etc...I had been away from that site seemingly forever, but since nothing at all was happening with Etsy, despite 'buying' spots in sections and relisting to death, the
Artfire deal seemed a whole bunch more rational..
Recently Etsy castigated me by e-mail for calling some other posters "cupcakes"..didn't realize that the Tea Party had taken over, but remembering that Etsy has completely lost track of it's original intent, and seems to be turning into eBay by the day, I am not surprised..just done..
After the holidays, or when my listings expire, whichever comes first (no point in shutting down while my money is already spent and not recovered) I'm leaving ComeandGetsy for good as a seller..and I'm not the Lone
By the way, 2 weeks after I re-upped with ArtFire, I made a sale there..
go figure...


  1. The vaginas of online selling make online selling a crappy experience. Oh, you said vagaries. Never mind.


  2. OMG, I can't believe Etsy did that considering so many say cupcake all day on Etsy. That is why I hate Etsy, there are no hard set rules and they just pull them out of their ass as they go along and the rules change from person to person and from admin to admin.

    I am not sure what the answer is about selling online. There is just so much stuff availabel everywhere to buy now days I think it makes it hard to sell.

    I too am going to stop blogging and tweeting by the first of the year. I may make it my New Year resolution. I have been doing this stuff since 2007 and that is just too long.


  3. Hope things pick up for your on line sales! There is just so much competition out there, I think that's a big part of the problem. I know you like selling at shows and farmer's markets. I've never had much luck at shows myself! All that packing and unpacking and setting up. Plus, much of my stuff is fairy fragile, too. Thanks so much for your nice comments on my latest creations! I didn't know that about the Sears line, I will have to check it out!!