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Monday, October 18, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again!

I'm very excited to be planning out my holiday craft fairs..what about you? This year I have three, one on the 12th,13th and 14th of November.. a benefit for the Women Against Violence and Transition House organization. I did their first one last year and it was a wonderful event..met many vendors who have since become my 'pals', and who also sell at the outdoor Duncan's Farmer's Market.
Then, on the 20th, I am signed up for the Ladysmith Olde Fashioned Christmas Fair, which is supposed to be a good one, and handy- a few blocks down the street..especially nice if we have snowy weather-which we might this year...
My last fair is at a wonderful place called Providence Farm, which I think I can provide a link to- it's a beautiful working farm that provides jobs and assistance for those who are challenged or troubled, and they have onsite counselors and management from the neighborhood, as well as locums who come from all over Canada to learn their agricultural techniques..they sell produce, flowers and eggs at the farmgate, as well as being fellow vendors at The Duncan Farmer's Market..this one, too, is supposed to be well attended, and is in early December, perfect for all those last minute shoppers....
I do love selling outdoors, but in the season, there is something about a cosy little fair and the wonderful friendly energy a bunch of happy poeple, buying, and selling, can can be magic.
I'll still be selling outdoors, too- we go til Dec 18th-then restart indoors for the months of Jan-Feb...then back outside in March, and a New Year begins.
Are any of you selling at a holiday fair, or planning on attending? It's a great place to find seasonal gifts as well as something wonderful for yourself, and knowing that you are buying from the person who created the item feels good too- no middleman, and supporting individuals in my community is something that I always do-as well as selling, I often end up spending far too much at these fairs-but enjoy every minute of it!

and here is the link for the CWAV craft fair:


  1. I have one more coming up on November 20th and then I'm done for the year. Haven't been too lucky at them but I refuse to give up! ;)


  2. Sorry to hear that, Jeanine..
    Bad luck must be floating up the Coast..I have missed two of my Saturday Markets this month, usually my best month, because of what was supposed to be bad weather..sure enough, on both Saturdays, the weather was's enough to make you crazy..but, like you, won't stop me...

  3. Hi Miz Darlin,
    Best of luck with your shows! Hope they are great! Thanks so much for all of your nice comments. I still need to make it to Ikea. I've never been there, guess I always thought they were just a bunch of modern stuff! But, budget friendly galvanized stuff? Sounds Awesome! A relatively new Ikea is about 1 hour from here, sounds like I need to make a road trip! Have a great night:)