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Friday, October 15, 2010

No More Facebook Tabs!

The only way I could deal with promoting on Facebook was with the tabs at the top of my page..where a reader could look or not, as they chose..
I tried having a strictly promotional page, but it drove me crazy-nothing but hype, hype, hype all day long, and it certainly didn't drive any traffic my way (to my shops online).
Now Artfire has informed sellers that as of Nov. 3rd, no more that you will have to eliminate your "personal" page and open what is referred to as a 'business' page, where all your friends are expected to come and "like" you to re-sign up on your page...I cannot imagine anything more dreadful...I won't do it..
Most of my friends are just that, my friends...who wants to continuously spam their friends?
*Sigh* So that's the end of Facebook as an online tool..and the real downer is that it's 'illegal' for you to have more than one page..if they catch you, they flame you...
So much for the social network as a 'tool' for selling your work..right up there with Etsy for effectiveness....


  1. You have so much trouble just trying to sell your stunning wares. I have a friend who is fed up with Etsy and Ebay and she's in the process of putting up her own website...she sells vintage items...tea cups, decor...ect. She's a mature lady and quite new to the computer...but her blog has over 300 followers and she's determined to extend herself and step outta the box as the "standard" avenues have forced her to do. Hope your doing well and the good news is...Fall is here and Winter is coming...hope it's


  2. Thanks for the good wishes, bunny..
    the good news is that I still am selling well at my Saturday Farmer's Market, so that is something, but I wish your friend all the best..I did try initially setting up my own website, but I'm even more technically challenged, and hiring someone to do it for me is impossible right now..
    Hope your friend does really well, I know that vintage sells really well online, so good luck to her, and thanks for being so wonderful!♥

  3. Well that's too bad. I've never even gotten into the whole Facebook/Twitter thing. But even my husband's company has a presence on both of those sites.