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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Wages of Guilt..more Random Rants

I admit that I'm feeling more than a bit guilty about neglecting my blogging duties; normally, I have to control myself and not go on and on here, but lately, the frustration with life's little zingers has temporarily got me down..
This weekend there is a wind and rain warning, so no Farmer's Market for me..
I do love selling outside, but the weather can play havoc with your capnopy, your stuff, and your temper..not to mention the fact that almost no one comes out for the Market in bad weather. It's doubly frustrating because my hats are seasonal, to say the least, and I only have a four month window to make any sort of sales...and the weather takes away a good half of those...and summer? Well, some jewelry, but really, can't take the heat and it gets very, very hot here, believe it or not (and doesn't snow much, usually - there, all your illusions about icy Canada shattered once and for all!)
So I'm left with a 'free' weekend, and that means I need to straighten stuff out around here, maybe take some stuff to the flea market..yes, my name is Wendi, and I'm a stuffaholic..
Every few months, I get brutal and wander around my place, picking out the stuff I know I can, and should, live without, and take it to whatever swap meet or flea market is going on..luckily we have a few, though usually I'm a customer, not a seller..
I usually try to go to sell there alone, because it keeps me from wandering around, finding things to buy...what is that about, some bizarre need to acquire stuff? True, I use most of it either for my home or to improve my selling space at the market, really does get out of hand, sometimes..sound familiar?
I'd like to at least wish for fair weather and wonderful finds for my readers, since I cannot hope for either...♥


  1. Hello Mizdarlin!
    Wow, hot in the summer and hardly any snow? I would never have imagined! I sure to empathize with you as far as having to battle the elements for your shows and farmer's market1 No fun! I have done craft shows before, but I really don't like to. I get so depressed sitting there if I'm not selling much, then trying to smile and look happy to the customers! I can so relate to having lots of stuff! I don't know how many times I take a box or box of things to donate to the Good Will. Next thing you know, I am inside shopping for more stuff!! Have a great weekend!

  2. We had a big storm run through our Summer Arts Festival a year or two ago and lots of people lost their tents and merchandise. They got it back up and running real quick though with only a few people forced to leave because of it.