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Monday, September 27, 2010

My Visitors...

"My father always promised us
That we would live in France
We'd go boating on the Seine
And I would learn to dance..."
-Judy Collins, "My Father"

Although I have never done any travelling outside of North America, it certainly isn't because of a lack of desire..I always wanted to travel, most especially to the UK and Europe, and as I got older my fantasies broadened to include vast swathes of Asia, and Ankor Wat as well as the jungle temples in Bali beckoned...alas, none of it was to be..
But at least now I get to travel vicariously through other bloggers, and my little sideboard gadgets for viewing my readers..
It's amazing, and delightful to me, that I have blog visitors from Ho Chi Minh City, Istanbul and Norway, all in the same week..
Not to neglect to mention all the places in the US that I've never been, from Nebraska to New York...
I would like to say hello, and thanks, to all of you, who put a big smile on my face each morning when I look to see who has visited (although I do wish you would comment more, even if it's just to say hello!)~ welcome to my scribbling, and please come back again!


  1. It is sometimes amazing to see who reads you and where they live isn't it?


  2. Isn't it amazing and cool the people we can "meet" all over the world?! To me that is half the fun (or more than half!) of blogging!